Overview of globalcentara Provider

Meet globalcentara ProviderSM from Global Healthcare Alliance – the complete revenue cycle management solution. Global created the ideal practice management service by pairing a Web-based practice management system and Executive Digital Dashboard with a team of billing and collection experts. The powerful combination of our award-winning technology and personalized customer service is like having an extended and knowledgeable staff at your disposal managing the often frustrating tasks of billing and collections.

Having functioned as both a payor and a provider, we understand the challenges you face. We’ve taken our collective knowledge to streamline the revenue cycle – from patient scheduling to collections –thereby maximizing our clients’ revenue. Our executive digital dashboard makes it easy to review key financial metrics and statuses with summary or detailed views, depending upon your needs.

And whenever you need help, you save valuable time by having a dedicated and specialized account manager to answer all your questions.

Because your practice is unique, so is the service we provide to the practice specialties we serve. Global customizes our solution to meet your specific operational and financial needs. We realize each practice has their own EMR preference to manage their clinical operations. Therefore, our practice management system, globalcentaraSM, seamlessly integrates with the EMR of your choice.

While we realize that billing and collections is an important part of your business, it isn’t the only part. We believe our role is to help you focus your attention to your patients.

We can make your job easier by applying our extensive knowledge to help you decrease denials, maximize reimbursement and improve cash flow.


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