Practice Management System

Global Healthcare Alliance’s Web-based practice management system, globalcentaraSM, is powered by Microsoft® Silverlight™ and our trademarked Payor-Provider Intelligence™.  Built around your practice workflow, this intuitive and easy-to-use system provides a unique experience unlike any other product on the market.

Designed to maximize the revenue cycle, globalcentaraSM elevates your precision and accuracy when capturing patient demographics, streamlining appointment registration and navigating through charge entry to ensure the submission of clean claims.  Our Payor-Provider Intelligence™ generates a 99% first pass clean claim rate to decrease denials and improve your cash flow.

Global knows that the revenue cycle begins at the moment of patient registration.  That is why our practice management system delivers enhanced practice functionality to increase productivity and efficiency.

Take Advantage of the Latest In Practice Management Technology:

  • Built on the Microsoft® Silverlight™ platform, globalcentaraSM is easy to use and delivers fast navigation from patient registration to appointment scheduling to final posting of charges and payments.
  • Web-based and hosted by Global Healthcare Alliance, you never have to pay annual maintenance fees and you always receive the latest practice management and Executive Digital Dashboard reporting upgrades.
  • Maximize your productivity by utilizing our e-Eligibility tool to verify patient eligibility.
  • Never be underpaid again – globalcentaraSM tracks fee schedules so underpayments from payors are identified and appealed.
  • Submit cleaner claims with Payor-Provider Intelligence™.
  • Seamlessly interface globalcentaraSM with the EMR of your choice.

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